Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feature in Orlando Sentinel Deaflympics participant's motto: 'Power in Me'

Here is a article of Matt in Orlando Sentinel today. The picture was not included online but the below here is the picture which appeared in the today's newspaper.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My students' Deaflympics Projects

Here is several pictures of my students at NDA that I teach Physical Education. The students did project on Deaflympics. They have had enjoyed their project and follow my U.S. Deaf National Soccer team. They did amazing job on the project. They made flag poster of countries participated in Deaflympics, Deaflympics logs and mascot. Even they made the US Deaflympics logos. Several of the students have amazing art work.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Marketing of Deaflympics

What a excellent marketing within Taiwan itself. I’m impressed with Taiwan. It will go down as one of the best Deaflympics in the history books! Many cheers to Taiwan! This will bring awareness to the world about deaf culture! I hope the next Deaflympics host countries will learn from Taiwan and keep improving! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The games had ended as we went to Closing Ceremony.

The closing ceremony ended with an impressive fireworks display. All of our athletes sat on the field in the middle of the stadium. The meals was provided with varieties of taiwanese food. Many countries exchange clothing, countries pins and uniforms. I enjoying exchange the pin as much as possible. I also had a chance to meet the different countries. I'm impressed with the Taipei's Deaflympics! I want to congratulation and thank you all of the hard work they had done and they are very welcome to USA teams.
When considering the amount of money Taiwan spent for this event, which was about $50 million U.S. dollars, there is no question that they were able to plan the greatest Deaflympics. Here’s never been anything like it. Including Taipei's brand-new facilities around the city in order to have locations of competitions close by which have never done before and much more that I have not describe!

The Deafympics flag will begin again in Athens, Greece in 2013, in 4 years!

During the morning, our USA team went to a USA Team Picture

US Women team won the Gold Medal!

In Taipei Stadium, the women team played against Germany for the second time. They won the first match 4-0 a week ago.  In Gold medal game, the US Deaf Women scored 4 goals in second half to win the gold medal! It was exciting for them. They were able to attach in German's side of field and able to pressure them well than the first half. The Germans seem wore out in the end of the game. U.S. took advantage and scored goals. In the medal ceremony, the US Women team looked sharp with red warm-ups and received gold medal.

Monday, September 14, 2009

With suspensions players we couldn't get another win against Ireland.

In a nice weather for the 7th and 8th place finish, we U.S. soccer team fail to win to finish 7th place. I had one shot from 35 yards which hit crossbar of the goal net. I still couldn't believe this. I still have this in my mind of that shot. We would have had tied 1-1 but we finished the game losing 3-0. Four of our players included myself had played excellent but this weren't enough for a win. The bench players played their heart out of the game... It was great Deaflympics soccer games for all of us. The one of highlights was when we had huge win over Great Britain and advanced into the next round for the first time in U.S. Deaf Soccer history. Unfortunately we were not able to win again in the next round.

I'm heading to the Women's soccer game which our U.S. Women Soccer team will be playing against Germany for the Gold Medalist game!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Argentina played unnecessary soccer game against U.S.

On the most hottest soccer game in Taipei, we had several chances but Argentina played unnecessary soccer game with physical and elbows game. I have nothing else to say about the game. Our players got injuries included myself which I got slide tackle and my shoulder fell hard on ground first. I continue playing with pain... Later, my teammate got hit by Argentina player's elbow while going for the head ball and he got knocked out in the air and his head fell hard on ground. He had a head concussion and was taken to hospital. It was scary game and sad to see the team doing this in the game like this. We ended up losing 2-0. Three players on our team got red card, and will suspended the next game.

Please click for more story below.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Quarterfinal for first time in Deaflympics history, U.S. couldn't handle Russian team.

In a windy weather in the quarterfinal for the first time in U.S. Deaf Soccer history in Deaflympics, U.S. Deaf Men's soccer loses a tough match against Russian team which the final score was 5-0. Russian scored first goal in the first 2 minutes from penalty kick after one player fouled in penalty area. This really hurt us team. The next 2 goals Russia scored was from deflect of our team into the goal. This was unfortunately for us. We continue defend and trying to get chance to score a goal but there are few opportunities but didn't get the ball in the net. We will play Argentina for 5th place.

ts them 5-0. "A Series of Unfortunate Events" would be best used to describe the first half as the first Russian goal

Taipei 101 Worlds current tallest building

My wife and I was able to get chance to sightseeing to World's current tallest building, Taipei 101.  While we went in the elevator, it took us 36 seconds to 89th floor. This is also one of worlds fastest elevator. We could see the whole city of Taipei. There is indoor observatory and outdoor observatory, I really like outside because I could see more of city of Taipei and feel the wind. There is a treasure sky with coral arts gallery and jewelry inside. One thing amazing me was the yellow wind damper, it hold the entire building to the firm bedrock below. It weight 660 tons.

We also went to Sun yat-sen memorial hall, one of several temples. We got to see the change of the guard there. This person is founder father of the Republic of China which was great awe- inspiring bronze statue.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

U.S defeats defending Gold Medalist Great Britain 3-1!

We created a BIG upset against Great Britain today! We won 3-1. Since we scored 3 goals today we are advancing to the next round. If we had only scored 2 goals today we would have not advanced!!! One of those goals that happened today was from myself! "waves hands" I scored the 2nd goal with a header.

Great Britain opened the game with them leading 1-0. We had a major come back and we did not give up! Our 1st goal was by player Angel, The 2nd goal you already know about and the 3rd is from Trip from a free kick; it went under Great Britian's wall.

We are waiting to find out who we are going to play against for the next round. Thanks for reading this! Come back and check my blog out soon to find out more...

Monday, September 7, 2009

US women team defeats Germany

Our men soccer team went to the game to support the women team! The U.S. Women team begin their first game against Germany. They will try to defend 2005 Gold medal. They knew German is a most improved team after winning silver in 2008 World Cup in Greece. But the U.S.  attacked on German side most of the game. With several scoring opportunities, U.S. scored first goal in 15th minute and lead 2-0 in half-time. They ended with 4-0 win over Germany. They maintain control of the ball most of the 2nd half while the Germans continue fatigue in the end of the game which was advantage by the U.S. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

U.S. scoreless draw against Japan 0-0

On the beautiful afternoon U.S. Deaf National Men soccer team continues struggle to score a goal. We had several chances but weren't able to put ball in the net. We started the game with great offensive performance. I moved from defender to middle midfield. Japan's defense played very well and begin a better offensive against us. Both teams continues battles every possession. Japan shoved several elbows to U.S. players but referee ignore it. Once one player hit other player in the back while jump for head ball, the player fell hard on the ground. He was taken out of the game. Again, the referee didn't call it. We continue focusing still in the game. In the last few minutes we had two opportunities by two yards away to the goal. Japan's player blocked twice... Our goalie is MVP since he saved a penalty kick after I had a questionable foul in the penalty box.
We have to keep our head up and knew that we should have won the game. Our chance to advance to 2nd round is to beat Great Britain on Tuesday.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Open Ceremony was amazed ever for Deaflympics.

The Taipei Summer Deaflympics opening ceremony rocked in very awe with thousands of lights sparkled and dimmed as it countdown to open the Deaflympics games. Since it was sold out of 20,000 spectators. We all athletes were not able to watch it LIVE but we watched on television in the arena next to the stadium. We could feel the vibrated with the beats of the drums and gongs. The two hours of worth of the beautiful dancing performances and once when one performer who fly down to the ground. After waiting for our USA team’s turn to march around the biggest crowd of my life, we went down on the ground with thousands of flashing lights in my eyes… I couldn’t believe I am actually there!

While the ceremony begin to close, they use torch to pass around then arrive to set ablaze with thousands of fireworks lights over the sky. This is the best ever for the Deaflympics opening ceremonies!

If you missed the LIVE, don't worry!  Please click the link below!